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Open Opportunities


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Next opportunity is for $7.00 million – almost fully pre-committed. Register now. 

Pioneer Capital Fund Yield Plus – OPENING FOR INVESTMENT 2022

Our newest fund has been established with the following investment mandate:-

  • Within the Greater Sydney region
  • Developing a self storage facility, (similar to Marsden Park fund) and/or
  • Developing small industrial warehouses (similar to Tuggerah fund)

As all of our fundraising is completed in days, please register your interest so we can include you in new offerings.

There is no cost or obligation when you register.

Pioneer lending opportunities ($250,000 to $500,000 per loan) 

  • $4.75 million total loan, secured, 10 month term, interest paid monthly – development with 120% debt cover pre-sold. FULLY SUBSCRIBED in 10 days
  • $1.50 million total loan, secured, 24 month term, interest paid monthly – mature self storage business, competitor acquisition, scale. FULLY SUBSCRIBED in 5 days

Next opportunity is for $3.00 million for 12 months at 3.5% – taking registrations of interest now and filling fast


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Register your interest

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