Pioneer Investment Group

Creating and Securing Wealth

Why Pioneer Investment GROUP?

High Trust – Low Hassles

As a Wholesale Investor, we are able to offer you an investment built from the ground up where you can be a part of growing your wealth in an investment fund that ticks all the boxes.

Why invest in pioneer funds

Quarterly reporting
to investors
The Pioneer Group participates as an investor in all PIONEER funds
All investments meet Pioneers
tick of approval

The PIONEER tick of approval

All Pioneer Funds must meet the criteria of the Pioneer tick of approval.

  • We select only the best deals
  • Risks are assessed and appropriately managed
  • Deals are large enough
  • Deals are diversified across types
  • Each fund has a diversity of investors, giving liquidity

COntact pioneer

If you’re after more information in regards to any of our current investment opportunities, please contact us.